Hawks of Valor

Dwarves Tomes Appear

Party are resting after returning from their adventures at Feathergale Spire. Over breakfast their contact Helvar Tarnlor arrives and shares a fact that several Dwarven tomes have turned up in the village of WomFord. These are rare books and not often seen in villages like Womford.

The party agree they

Feathergale Spire
Haunted Keep

Party after finding the graves head to a tower in the Sumbar Hills they could see from the graves.

After arriving they are treated by a group of Knights who are Griffin riders in the local area, many of them come from Waterdeep. They hold a feast for the party and answer many questions for them.

In the middle of the feast there is an interruption & a scream of ‘Manticore’. The party is offered the choice to join the hunt for the Manitcore. They take flight on steads and pursue the Manticore, after killing the beast they are celebrated as heroes.

While spending the night in the Tower they did see from the top observation deck several people head into a gully in the valley below.

Final as they were leaving the party is approached by ?? and is told about the mission of the Knights of the Spire. They are to master the secrets of Elemental Air so they can defeat the enemies of Waterdeep.

On the way back to Red Larch the party is attacked by a pack of Ankheg’s which is unusual as these creatures rarely venture into civilised area.

Tomb of the Moving Stones
SinkHole & Cult

After returning from the exploring the local area and are recovering on the ‘Inn of the Swinging Sword’ they are disturbed as a giant sinkhole appears in the centre of town.

It opens at in the town square and several children fall into the sinkhole but aren’t badly injured. After the party rescue the children with ropes they discover a chamber with several corridors and doors.

The party investigates the area and discover’s a secret cult who are worshipping the Standing stones.

Party’s Lord’s Alliance contact arrives back in Red Larch.
Helvar Tarnlor
She introduces them to a local farmer who has some introducing news.

Lord of Lance Rock
Local area adventures

Mission in the Local Area …

  • Bears & Bows : Party find a group having to deal with a cage bear.
  • Bloody Treasure :

Lord of Lance Rock.
Party defeat the local Necromancer who has proclaimed himself as a local lord.

Mission for the Hawks
Hawks of SilveryMoon

The agents are summoned to meet their contact in the Hawks located in the city of SilveryMoon and are requested to meet with their contact in the SilveryMoon Hawks, Rhetigast Hawkwinter

They are requested to find a missing delegation of Dwarves who left Mirabar. They will be working with the Lords Alliance who are concerned about the delegation as they haven’t arrived. They are carrying documents that need recovered for the Alliance.

The 3 Diplomats/

  • Teresiel : MoonElf of SilveryMoon
  • Rhundorth : ShieldDwarf of Mirabar
  • Deseyna Majarra : Human of Waterdeep

They were last seen a month ago in the Desiring Valley, near the village of Belliard.

Party are given the supplies they need and steads and they head of, travelling for several weeks and they arrive at Red Larch.

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