Hawks of Valor

Mission for the Hawks

Hawks of SilveryMoon

The agents are summoned to meet their contact in the Hawks located in the city of SilveryMoon and are requested to meet with their contact in the SilveryMoon Hawks, Rhetigast Hawkwinter

They are requested to find a missing delegation of Dwarves who left Mirabar. They will be working with the Lords Alliance who are concerned about the delegation as they haven’t arrived. They are carrying documents that need recovered for the Alliance.

The 3 Diplomats/

  • Teresiel : MoonElf of SilveryMoon
  • Rhundorth : ShieldDwarf of Mirabar
  • Deseyna Majarra : Human of Waterdeep

They were last seen a month ago in the Desiring Valley, near the village of Belliard.

Party are given the supplies they need and steads and they head of, travelling for several weeks and they arrive at Red Larch.



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